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Congratulations to Our New Vice President, Nicole Yoder!

January/February 2020 WFJ Article

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14 Jan 2020
Congratulations to Our New Vice President, Nicole Yoder!

I am thrilled to announce our senior leadership team will be expanded by the addition of our long-time staff member Nicole Yoder. Nicole will serve as Vice President of Aid & Aliyah.

Nicole has been faithfully serving our ICEJ AID department for over twenty years now, and has been Director of the department since 2006. In this vital role for our ministry, she has witnessed firsthand the challenges which many Israelis face throughout the Land. Through her leadership the ICEJ has provided caring, effective solutions for countless Israeli families, minority groups and individuals. This experience, combined with her language skills in Hebrew and Arabic and valuable relationships she developed with Israeli social workers, more than qualify her for this new task. Nicole has also recently completed a Master’s degree focused on the unique challenges of Ethiopian Jewish Aliyah, which even adds to her qualification. 

Most importantly however: Nicole is woman who is dedicated to Jesus and his purposes with Israel and the Jewish people. She will thus be a great addition to our leadership team. 

Nicole’s new duties also will include overseeing the ICEJ’s Aliyah efforts, which are managed day-to-day by our energetic Director of Aliyah, Howard Flower. She also will have oversight of our absorption activities for new immigrants, which includes the ICEJ Homecare program faithfully run by Corrie van Maanen. 

The ICEJ board enthusiastically welcomed the decision of Nicole Yoder joining our other vice presidents currently serving with me in Jerusalem: 

Barry Denison, Vice President of Jerusalem Operations
Mojmir Kallus, Vice President of International Affairs
David Parsons, Vice President & Senior Spokesman
David van der Walt, Vice President of Finances


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