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A Daughter of Israel Finally Comes Home

ICEJ’s Aliyah ‘rescue flights’ faces a new challenge for August

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28 Jul 2020
A Daughter of Israel Finally Comes Home

The ICEJ is excited to report that we have reached our goal for the month of July in the ‘Rescue250’ campaign! As of Monday (27/07/20), the ICEJ has brought well over 250 Jewish immigrants on Aliyah “rescue flights” this month, thanks to the faithful and generous support of Christians around the world. This is a prophetic and humanitarian mission, and we are amazed that the door of Aliyah has remained opened despite the grounding of flights worldwide due to Corona.

The Rescue250 campaign is a challenge to Christian supporters of Israel around the globe to partner with the ICEJ in keeping up our current pace of flying at least 250 Jews per month home to Israel while the Coronavirus pandemic is still impacting the world.

Last week, one of the three rescue flights sponsored by ICEJ brought Nina Akselrud and her son to Israel. Nina's arrival meant a family reunion after 30 years of separation. Her parents and younger brother made Aliyah in 1991. Nina was a young girl who made the difficult decision to stay in Russia instead of following her family to Israel. “Now I think that it was a big mistake and I should have gone”, Nina said this week.

The history of her family is closely connected to the history of Jews in Russia, including the sad moments like pogroms and wars.

“I always felt myself as a part of the Jewish people thanks to my relatives, grandparents, and their stories about our family”, Nina explained. “All Jews are special, unique people to me, part of my family and my future.”

Even though Nina’s father and brother had been trying to persuade her to make Aliyah for many years, she went her own long way. But in the end, she clearly realized that Israel is the country where she whole-heartedly belongs.

“There were a number of things in my life and in my birth country that influenced my decision to come live in Israel”, said Nina. “In 2018, I started to work in public media. And I began to read and write a lot about the news in my birth country. I looked from a new perspective on the economic and political situation in the country. I believe that a person can choose where to live. And I am very glad that my son and I have the opportunity to now live in Israel”, she stated.

By the time Nina made the decision to move to Israel, she faced being misunderstood by her friends.

“My friends said that I am crazy for wanting to go [to Israel]. Many of them said that I will have to overcome many difficulties while starting a new life”, she shared. “But I'm ready for that. I told them I want to have more opportunities for myself and my son. I want to live in a democratic state.”

In her heart, Nina already has a sense of admiration for this small but very courageous country, with its ancient history and bright prospects for development.

It is amazing to witness how many of these Jewish people who make Aliyah are thinking not only about how to improve their own lives, but also about what they can do to strengthen and build their new nation.

“I want to be there and be useful to this Land. I hope that I will succeed”, Nina confided. “I am sure that a happy future waits for me and my son in Israel”, she concluded.

Nina then added: “I was amazed when I learned that Christians who love Israel supported my Aliyah. Indeed, it is the time of miracles!”

The Christian Embassy welcomed another 49 Jewish immigrants on a pair of Aliyah flights on Monday and Tuesday of this week, pushing our total for July up to almost 300 olim brought on Aliyah rescue flights this month. But with August now here, it is time to start the challenge over again and ask for your help in bringing at least 250 more Jews to Israel this coming month. You can reserve a place on an Aliyah rescue flight for a deserving Jewish person or family in need.

Together, let us continue to play our key role in the great, prophetic Ingathering of Israel even during this most unusual season of the Corona virus.


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