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The Feast Through the Eyes of a Volunteer

Ein Gedi, Garden Tomb, Next Gen Celebration

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9 Oct 2017 (All day)
The Feast Through the Eyes of a Volunteer

What follows is a personal report from one of the ICEJ's volunteers at the 2017 Feast of Tabernacles. She traveled from Manilla in the Far East to Jerusalem in the Near East to be part of one of the Lord's appointed celebrations. 

October 6 - Ein Gedi

My Feast of Tabernacles began with a spectacular desert celebration. Thousands of people from various nations came together at Ein Gedi to worship the King of kings and Lord of lords. Several echoed their faith- and calling-driven sentiments on how God paved their way to come to Israel so they could take part in the fulfillment of prophecy. For instance, a woman from Australia explained, “When God tells you to go, you go.” Also, a woman from the USA, also offered faith-affirming words, “God has opened the doors for me to get here.”

The evening's keynote speaker Angus Buchan focused on the timeless truth of God’s power and magnanimity: “For with God, nothing will be impossible.” (Luke 1:37) He urged the people to fortify their faith in the God whose word always stands true, challenging them to rid themselves of any unbelief. Angus stressed that “God honors actions and not words…If your faith costs you nothing, then it’s worth nothing.” He closed the evening celebration by leading the people in prayer, asking God to increase their faith to receive their miracles. 

October 7- Communion Service at the Garden Tomb

Tony Crisp boldly and aptly underscored how special communion is to the heart of God, saying it should be taken “with purpose, on purpose, for a purpose.” Going forward, when I take communion, there is even more of God’s love to take in! 

Tony Crisp continued, “God, in His great wisdom, designed a ceremony so that the people would never forget what they were and who they were...” God’s immense love for me always comes to mind when I engage in communion. Eternal gratitude fills my heart every time I break bread, as I appreciate the truth that Jesus was pierced for my transgressions. My good health, sound mind and peace-filled heart have been paid for by his wounds. Whatever condemnation has crept in flees my mind every time I drink the cup of wine. 

Abba is indeed a God of order and purpose! He is relentless in His pursuit to reveal the depth of His love for us, and He has chosen excellent ceremonies and traditions, established in the scriptures, to reveal His heart to us.

October 8 Next Gen Worship Celebration

Singing, dancing and shouts of praise to the Lord ascended into the heavens from people of every nation and tongue throughout the Pais Arena in Jerusalem!

Unspeakable joy was in my heart as I worshipped the Lord in His City and witnessed the word of the Lord coming to pass. Jerusalem truly feels like home. I am finally home in the land of our great fathers of faith: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

I am especially grateful that we — the youth and young adults in attendance — were empowered in prayer and released into our callings. Truly, where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom! This was driven home by several testimonies by young people who were once enslaved by drug addictions, but have been radically set free by Jesus! Worship leader Eddie James said it well, “There is no chain that [...] Yeshua cannot break!”

How can we not proclaim His greatness to the ends of the earth? The night ended perfectly with an altar call for young people  to be equipped to bring Yeshua’s message of love into all the nations of the earth. Jani Salokangas left us with these life-changing words, “I pray that you will leave this city remembering this day as the day that changed history!” 


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