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A Future & A Hope / Giving Tuesday

January/February 2020 WFJ Article

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14 Jan 2020
A Future & A Hope / Giving Tuesday

A Future and a Hope with ICEJ Aid

Through ICEJ Aid, Christians around the world bless Israel each and every day. Over the years the ICEJ has carried out social assistance projects throughout Israel in every sector of the society. This ministry of comfort provides essential aid for holocaust survivors and immigrants as well as helping Israel in times of crisis. In addition, ICEJ Aid reaches out to give disadvantaged Israelis A Future and a Hope.

What is A Future and a Hope? ICEJ helps Israelis struggling to reach a brighter future by providing practical assistance to those who need it most. Offering a future and a hope means providing educational enrichment, vocational training and other practical assistance to improve the quality of life for Israelis with long-term impact. This benevolent outreach is making a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged, children from broken families, youth at risk, women in crisis and minority communities, among others.

We are committed to helping “the least of these” in Israel. In addition to our support of the Jewish people, we assist the Arab, Druze and Bedouin minorities who comprise approximately one-fifth of Israel’s population. Today’s overwhelming social needs give us an unprecedented opportunity to comfort and bless this nation in the name of Christians around the world as an act of reconciliation and love.

This aid wouldn’t be possible without your help! Join us in providing basic needs, loving care, extra-curricular and educational activities, vocational training and other practical assistance through projects that bring a Future and a Hope to Israelis who need our help the most.

Giving Tuesday Campaign
By ICEJ Staff

This year the ICEJ HQ launched its first Giving Tuesday Campaign with the aim of providing help to Israeli families living near the Gaza border. The campaign was primarily social media based and was a great success! Thanks to you and numerous other faithful partners of the ICEJ, enough money was raised to provide two bomb shelters to the Sadot Silver Elementary School. The children at the school have 15 seconds or less to run for cover when sirens sound and now because of Christians around the world they can easily make it to safety at a moment’s notice. Thank you for your support!


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