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Great Zeal For God & For Zion in Brazil

Update from ICEJ-Brazil

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11 Sep 2019
Great Zeal For God & For Zion in Brazil

Dr Jürgen Bühler was recently hosted by Apostle Renê Terra Nova, national director of ICEJ-Brazil, for a series of meetings in the city of Manaus which demonstrated the growing Christian support for Israel in this key Latin American country. Accompanied by local Israeli pastor Oded Shoshani, Jürgen addressed a summit for nearly 7,000 Brazilian pastors, as well as a mass rally in the local “sambadrome”, where a crowd of over 100,000 Christians joined together in prayer for Israel.

“It was a tremendous thrill to look out over the sea of flags and smiling faces and to sense the great zeal which these Brazilian Christians have for the Lord and for Israel” said Jürgen. “We came back to Jerusalem completely energised by their outpouring of love and support for the Jewish nation and people. Apostle Renê and his team are doing an amazing work there in Brazil.”

Apostle Renê is one of the most widely-recognised and respected Evangelical leaders in Latin America, with oversight of a growing Pentecostal movement which numbers over seven million believers. His home church alone has some 70,000 members, and he has instilled in them his great passions for building the Kingdom of God and for standing with Israel.

Brazilian and Israeli officials have duly honoured Apostle Renê for his strong support for the Jewish state. Several years ago, the Israel Ministry of Tourism recognised him for his stellar track record of bringing tens of thousands of Latino Christians to the ICEJ’s annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration in Jerusalem. Then in May, Israeli ambassador Yossi Shelley joined with the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, in awarding him the “Jerusalem of Gold” medal for his many accomplishments in building stronger relations between the nations of Israel and Brazil.

Brazil is in a time of political and social transition, marked by a return to biblical values and closer alignment with Israel. This is largely due to the rapid growth of the Evangelical community, which now numbers almost 30% of the population. Many evangelical Christians supported the successful candidacy of Jair Bolsonaro in the recent presidential election. Apostle Renê has held meetings with President Bolsonaro and they both credit much of the positive changes happening in their country to prayer and to the government’s stronger stand with Israel.

In a recent video posted on his popular Instagram and Twitter accounts, President Bolsonaro congratulated Apostle Renê for hosting his 20th annual national prayer and missions conference. He also thanked God for sparing his life after an assassination attempt during last year’s presidential elections.

“I owe my life to God and also to your prayers”, said President Bolsonaro. “Congratulations for 20 years of this event interceding for Brazil. At this time also a very, very special hug to Apostle Renê Terra Nova.”

São Paulo officially celebrates Tabernacles

The Brazilian state of São Paulo has declared that the Feast of Tabernacles is an official government holiday. In a unique law, the state decreed that observances of the biblical festival of Sukkot will take place each year exactly 14 days after the Jewish new year of Rosh Hashana.

The person behind this law is the ICEJ regional director for the city and state of São Paulo, Apostle Fabio Alves Abbud. He is doing a great work to mobilise Christians to stand with Israel in his region of Brazil, and to bring Christians on pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Apostle Fabio and his wife Claudia are leaders of the El Shaddai Church movement and have spiritual oversight of 300 churches in greater São Paulo. Descended from a traditional Arab Christian family who fled persecution in Syria for Brazil two generations ago, Apostle Fabio says he was the first one in his family to have a real encounter with Christ. He was raised up in ministry under Apostle Renê Terra Nova, which means he too loves Israel.


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