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Heavenward From the Tower of David

Final Prayer Service at the 2018 Feast of Tabernacles

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28 Sep 2018 (All day)
Heavenward From the Tower of David

Past and Future Prayer Successes

Hands flew up all around the Tower of David when ICEJ's Barry Denison opened the morning by asking the crowd how many had been blessed this week. David Parsons pumped the crowd up by reminding them about what God did last year at the Tower of David prayer meeting, and said, “We shouted ‘Shift, shift, shift,’ and a few months later the US embassy moved to Jerusalem. David continued and said, “Who knows what we can do in the Spirit this morning.”

Worship in the Heart of Jerusalem

DD, Steve Carpenter and Eddie James burst forth in worship to the King as it echoed off the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. ICEJ President Jürgen Bühler explained, “We are here to do business with God this morning.... God wants to put down a tent peg in your life about the dream that He has for you.” He encouraged the crowd to ask the Lord what dream God has for them and how they can be a part in changing the world.”

Breaking Through to Freedom

Mosy Magduba continued in this power of the Holy Spirit by praying, “Lord we ask that you would deal with our fear of the future and doubts in our hearts. God break us from our personal ambitions that contradict what you want for us. Help us come to the place of absolute surrender. Father deliver us from wanting to fulfill the expectations of people around us. I declare FREEDOM from all of this! FREEDOM in the name of Jesus Christ! Lord grant us the faith to obey you!”

Forty-two young people from the States, who were bound in demonic darkness and addiction, were delivered and came to Jerusalem with Eddie James, and they lead us all in an extraordinary time of glorifying Jesus. Eddie testified, “You are going to worship this morning with miracles. Don’t just look at these young people worshipping and say, ‘Oh that’s nice,’ but see your grandchild and son and daughter. If God will save these kids, he will save your family!”

Peter, a young man who was set free from many addictions, boldly and gratefully testified of the redeeming power of the blood and love of Jesus Christ. Young Peter cried tears of joy as Eddie sang over Peter and the many other young people who need deliverance, “You bring life.” Eddie continued to sing a song of deliverance, “You are greater than heroin, cocaine, depression, suicide, and alcohol. Receive life, receive love, receive light in place of your darkness. God is releasing hope. Right now receive restoration. He is mending hearts that are broken. Great are you Lord.”

The unleashing of the freedom of the Holy Spirit was declared and felt this morning as Eddie James and a mother prayed over the young generation to be set free from drug addiction and the hold of the enemy. A mother who witnessed God deliver her children from drugs and darkness, prayed with great passion and faith as she declared the power of the blood of Jesus to deliver many more young hearts from the hold of the enemy.

Never the Same Again

The end of the meeting concluded with shouts of “BREAKTHROUGH” resounding from the mouths of all of the pilgrims that came to the Feast of Tabernacles. Many left the Old City changed, revived, and excited to the God of Israel breakthrough in their lives, families, and nations!


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