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ICEJ’s Aid Work in the Year Ahead

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15 Jan 2021
ICEJ’s Aid Work in the Year Ahead

Going into the new year 2021, it was clear the entire world would still be struggling with the coronavirus pandemic, an ongoing crisis which poses a serious threat to our national economies. Now, the turmoil from the disputed US elections is exposing censorship and information control by big tech and corporate media outlets who are driven by a troubling globalist agenda.

Amid these rapid and concerning developments, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is as determined as ever to follow the Lord Jesus and to press on with our ministry of comfort to Israel and the Jewish people. Amazingly, we were able to do more last year in many areas of our ministry than ever before, thanks to our faithful and generous Christian supporters worldwide, and that gives us hope we can help even more people in Israel in 2021.

The ICEJ Aid & Aliyah department oversees most of the practical charitable and humanitarian projects we engage in year-round. As we look ahead to the coming year, our main projects will once more fall into four main categories:

1) Aliyah & Integration: Bringing new Jewish immigrants to Israel and helping them get settled in the Land of their forefathers, as promised in Scripture.

2) Israel in Crisis: Assisting Israelis during times of conflict, natural disaster or other crisis, such as during the current coronavirus pandemic.

3) Holocaust Survivors: An urgently needed outreach to some of the elderly Holocaust survivors in Israel who are struggling to make ends meet, most notably through our special assisted-living home in Haifa.

4) Giving a Future and a Hope: Aid projects which focus on helping the next generation of Israelis meet their potential, as well as assisting disadvantaged and impoverished families.

Often these aid categories overlap, such as our help for Holocaust survivors who are now having to remain in isolation due to the COVID-19 menace. Or our assistance to new immigrants in need, who must now quarantine upon arrival in Israel, and then may need help with computers for their children to attend school classes online.

In addition, many of our projects are focused on helping Israel’s minority communities – such as Arab Muslims and Christians, the Bedouin and the Druze. Our aid to these often-ignored sectors of society not only gives witness to the love of God for all peoples, but it also helps bring strength and reconciliation to the nation of Israel as a whole.

In some recent examples of our aid projects in the Arab sector, we distributed food baskets and other household items through Christian Arab churches in Nazareth and Bethlehem. The ICEJ also provided food coupons and computers for disadvantaged Muslim families in Arrabe. We helped upgrade equipment and furniture in a center for Arab Christian and Muslim youths-at-risk through social welfare authorities in Eilaboun. We also provided aid for Palestinian Arabs employed in Israel who were put on unpaid leave due to corona lockdowns – this was done in partnership with a Jewish religious center in Efrat. And in one more example, in 2020 the Christian Embassy provided gift packages and hygienic products to Arab and Bedouin communities to help them cope with the virus threat.

The Arab sector, along with the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods in Israel, have been hit the hardest by the coronavirus over the past year. They will still need much help in the months ahead, and the ICEJ plans to continue looking for ways to assist them as requests come in and we are able. In addition, we will stay focused on helping with social needs related to the economic challenges of families resulting from the corona crisis.

With your help, we know we can make a difference in many lives, and do so in a way which assures the people of Israel that Christians care for them.

Please continue to support our AID & Aliyah work in the new year 2021.

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