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ICEJ Rallies Worldwide for Israel

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26 May 2021
ICEJ Rallies Worldwide for Israel

Over the past week the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, through its national branches and supporters around the globe, has been organizing and joining numerous pro-Israel rallies held worldwide in the wake of the latest Hamas rocket war against the Jewish state. The various rallies have expressed solidarity with Israel and its right of self-defense, as well as challenged their governments to stand against the surge of antisemitism now sweeping the globe.

In one of the ICEJ’s largest rallies, held in Stuttgart last Saturday (22 May), over 1,500 Christians from across Germany gathered with Jewish leaders to voice their support for Israel. ICEJ-Germany national director Gottfried Bühler convened the rally and called upon the federal government to take firm action against the “aggressive climate change of antisemitism” now being witnessed in Germany. He also commended the recent statements in support of Israel made by the German president and foreign minister, but insisted these declarations must be followed up by concrete steps “to deprive antisemitism in our country of its breeding ground.”

Gottfried Bühler urged the German government to:
1) Prevent the flow of German taxpayer monies into the 'treasure boxes of Hamas' and other terror-supporting institutions.
2) Distance Germany from the ‘club of antisemites and anti-Israel revolutionaries’ at the United Nations.
3) Join the alliance of nations that are confronting the antisemitic regime in Iran and its designs to annihilate Israel.
4) Repudiate any effort or plan that would render Judea/Samaria (the West Bank) ‘judenrein”, and instead highlight and support the many successful examples of co-existence between Jews and Arabs in these areas.
5) Recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the German Embassy to Jerusalem.

Other speakers at the Stuttgart rally included Sandra Simovich, Israel’s Consul General in Munich; Dr. Michael Blume, Government Commissioner for the State of Baden-Württemberg for the Fight against Antisemitism; Susanne Jakubowski and Barbara Traub, Board members of the Jewish Religious Community in Württemberg; Bärbel Illi, President of the German-Israeli Association in Stuttgart; Isabel Fezer, Mayor of Stuttgart for Youth and Education; and Udi Lehavi, representative of Keren Hayesod.

Israeli Consul Sandra Simovich thanked the Christians for their “true friendship and commitment,” and described the harrowing experience of recent weeks when Jews in Germany were confronted with hateful threats. When pro-Palestinian protesters call for the destruction of Israel, “it is not a show of solidarity but of pure hatred and antisemitism,” she said. Simovich added that foreign aid to rebuild Gaza must not end up an investment in Hamas terrorism.

Other speakers noted that Israel was being forced once again to fight for its survival, while also voicing dismay that in the very year the nation is marking 1700 years of Jewish life in Germany, Jew-hatred is finding its way back onto German streets.

One poignant moment came when the crowd listened in silence to 90-year-old Holocaust survivor Eva Erben speaking from Ashkelon, in southern Israel, even while sirens were wailing in the background. Erben described the horror of living under constant rocket barrages and her concerns that Hamas was abusing the Palestinian population as human shields.

Other recent pro-Israel rallies with ICEJ sponsorship or involvement have taken place in dozens of other countries, including Denmark, Liberia, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Mexico and Slovakia.


ICEJ-Mexico convened a solidarity rally in front of the Israeli Embassy in Mexico City. Leaders from several large Christian organizations attended the demonstration, which featured many banners of support for Israel and prayers for the peace of Jerusalem. Enrique Anaya, ICEJ-Mexico Public Affairs Secretary hosted the event and welcomed Israeli Ambassador Zvi Tal, who expressed appreciation for the show of Christian support. He also noted the insanity of Hamas “firing rockets towards Jerusalem, which is a holy city also for Islam. So, we face this terrorist organization that has nothing to do with the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, with whom we would like to live in peace, in coexistence.”



ICEJ-Slovakia also organized a rally of 200 Christians and Jews in Bratislava with several politicians and cultural and church personalities taking the stage to express support for Israel.

ICEJ leaders and supporters also attended large pro-Israel demonstrations in Copenhagen, Denmark; Monrovia, Liberia; The Hague, Netherlands; and in many other cities over the past week.


Meantime, many ICEJ branch leaders voiced their support for Israel in media outlets within their home countries. For example, ICEJ-Estonia national director Peeter Vosu wrote strong opinion columns backing Israel’s right of self-defense which were published in the two largest papers and news sites in Estonia.




Finally, ICEJ staff members in Jerusalem were active in reporting events accurately during the recent conflict. For instance, Fine Ditoka and Harry Cirimaiwasa appeared on national TV in their native Fiji live from Jerusalem to talk about the Hamas rocket war.


And ICEJ Vice President & Spokesman David Parsons also appeared in an online rally for Israel in the Philippines hosted by the River of God church movement and attended by scores of pastors and Christian supporters of Israel.

Photo credits:
Germany: Levi Dörflinger
Mexico: EnlaceJudío
Netherlands: Jacob Keegstra
Slovakia: Peter Svec
Denmark: Christina Leinum
Liberia: J. Aaron Wright 


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