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Marking 25 Years of Homecare

‘Called for such a time as this!’

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16 Feb 2021
Marking 25 Years of Homecare

There is an excitement in the air, with much reason to celebrate!

Twenty-five years ago, the ICEJ’s Homecare program for Russian Jewish immigrants was launched when nurse Corrie Van Maanen joined the staff in Jerusalem. Corrie says that “numerous Russian immigrants have been helped during the years ever since”. Indeed, the Homecare program is still going strong, displaying a practical demonstration of love. Many deserving people receive help, nursing care, and a dose of hope and encouragement with each visit of the Homecare team. Your faithful support throughout the years makes this possible.

For the past 18 years, Homecare has built a precious relationship with a family whose daughter is dependent on full-time care. The parents, who suffered during the Second World War, have looked after their daughter with such love and dedication – as only a parent can do. But they are both 80 years old now. Seeing this need, Homecare respectfully came alongside the family over the years to help them in a practical way, giving nursing care to their daughter. Recently, the mother said: “So much can go wrong during the week but when you come, we know that everything will be all right and we are able to continue into a new week.” With the tender relationship built over the years, the regular visits become a weekly highlight for them. The mother sighs when the visit ends, saying “Oy, if I didn’t have you!”

For another lady who made Aliyah from the Ukraine together with her husband, and sick and fragile parents in the 1990s, the Homecare visits have been so appreciated. Homecare got to know her when asked to lovingly take care of her sick father. Later, both she and her husband became sick and then he passed away. Now as a widow and living alone, she sat on her bed recently and expressed her gratitude, saying: “I have no words to thank you. We have known each other for more than twenty years. And when my need is the biggest, when I have no answer for my trouble, you have always been there for me and helping me out.” The Homecare team just helped to pack up her home as she had to move to another apartment.

A warm bond also can be seen between Homecare and an elderly gentleman in his 90s who is blind. Nearing the end of a Homecare visit just a few weeks ago, he sat at his kitchen table and leaned forward to ensure his words would not be missed. “Do you know why I am waiting for you to visit me every week?” he asked. While waiting for him to answer his own question, he continued, “because you are willing to listen when I tell you my stories.” Shortly after the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in January, this same gentleman said, “I listened to the special program on television for the remembrance of the Holocaust. But no television can ever tell or show what I saw as an eyewitness in the darkness of the war.” He often talks about that dark time and is still suffering severely from the war, more than seventy-five years later. Every week, the ICEJ Homecare team buy groceries from him, as he cannot make ends meet on his small pension. He is so thankful that he lives in Israel, adding that “it gave me life”.

These are only a few examples of the work of Homecare, as our team encourages, brings hope, and gives joy to all they care for. For many, the Homecare visit is the highlight of their week, especially during this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, when isolation, loneliness and depression are extremely tough for the elderly and those who suffered during the Second World War.

The source of our caring is limitless, as it is the love of the God of Israel Who has commanded us believers from the nations to “comfort His people Israel.” We do it with thankfulness for the privilege it is. Thank you for the past twenty-five years.

We invite you to continue to partner in this precious work of ICEJ Homecare.


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