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Profile: Luba Mayekiso, national director of ICEJ-South Africa

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3 Jun 2014 (All day)
Profile: Luba Mayekiso, national director of ICEJ-South Africa

The ICEJ national branch in South Africa has always contributed much to our global work, especially in terms of leadership and personnel in our Jerusalem headquarters. As of this year, the branch has a dynamic new national director, Luba Mayekiso, who along with his wife Ncedi is a rising voice for biblical values and support for Israel in his native land and across Africa.

Luba's father was a black school principal who stressed education and sent Luba and his brother to predominantly white Anglican schools with good academics. But it was still the apartheid era and he experienced much discrimination first-hand.

"Being one of only two black kids in my school, I had my share of racism. The racial abuse came from the other kids, and even from their parents", he recalled recently. "It was especially challenging going on field trips with the school. When the bus stopped at a service station I couldn't go to the toilet with the white kids, I was forced to go into the bush."

He eventually concluded that "racism either breaks you or develops and strengthens your will power".

Luba also was raised in a Christian home, but once in boarding school and university he seldom attended church. Yet after finishing his law studies, Luba and his wife visited a church one day and he answered an altar call to rededicate his live to the Lord.

While working as a banker, Luba also began to study and preach as a lay minister. Though he considered pursuing ordination, he felt God clearly leading him into public advocacy. At the same time, he and his wife began to explore the biblical roots of their faith.

"We always had a heart for Israel, but we could never find any information about it. Whenever you spoke to people in South Africa about Israel it was negative. Nobody had anything praiseworthy to say and you could sense the information was not balanced", Luba explained.

So the couple decided to educate themselves and begin proclaiming the truth about Israel.

"We shared a hunger to learn more about Israel, and started to get involved in various groups around Cape Town where we learned about the Jewish community and Israel", he said.

Today, Luba is a well-known speaker and advocate on behalf of Israel across South Africa. He addresses both church and government leaders who are often surprised by the solid biblical basis of his message in support of Israel.

Luba noted that many ANC politicians also profess to be Christians and he is able to use sound biblical arguments to show them why standing with Israel is the right thing to do.

He claimed that Africa today is in a really bad place when it comes to everything from poverty to agriculture and health, and he knows where to find help.

"We are trying to say to our government that we need to accept the help from Israel and work with them. There is an amazing thirst from people to know about Israel, and God is stirring people to pray for Israel."

"So much has gone wrong in the Israeli-South African relationship, but the time has come to reset that relationship", he said. "There is a huge desire for Africans to connect to Israel. The potential is there and we need to exploit it. This is the time for action!"

Luba also is eager to expand the reach of the ICEJ-South African branch into the huge black Christian community, and to develop more educational tools on Israel for this largely untapped constituency.

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