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The Touch that Heals & Immigrant Families in Israel

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1 Aug 2017
The Touch that Heals & Immigrant Families in Israel


The ICEJ Reaches out to Tel Aviv's Darkest Neighborhoods

A woman was sleeping on a couch in a busy room full of people, with cigarette burns on the skin around her ankles, wearing clothes that desperately needed washing. Although not a common sight in Israel, even in this land of Promise there are people like her in desperate need of help. Through the ICEJ, you can reach out even to the least of them.

One of the darkest neighborhoods in Tel Aviv is home to many lost souls overcome by despair; drug addicts, prostitutes, victims of human trafficking. And yet in the midst of this nightmare stands a beacon of hope: With ICEJ’s help, a couple of Israelis have created a safe place for these local women to get off the streets for several hours during the day and be encouraged to take steps towards rehabilitation.This unique center surrounds these women with acts of kindness and love – a new hair style, nails painted, a warm meal, a hot shower, or even a new outfit – luxuries often taken for granted by the average person.

“It is so fun to come here. I never got a manicure before, and here you can also find a new outfit that you might not otherwise be able to get,” said one of the troubled women at the center. Her comment was sweet and surreal at the same time, as if the only reason she couldn’t buy nice clothes for herself was lack of time. The staff and volunteers at the center engage in conversations with the women while serving food, offering new clothes, doing their hair and nails, and hugging them just like a mother would hug her own daughter. “These women, living on the streets, have been touched in all the wrong ways,” the volunteer shared. “Many hands have hurt and abused them. When they come to our shelter, we get to embrace them with hands that are gentle, loving and caring. We have the honor to be God’s hands to these women.”

Many of the suffering people in this land long for any sign of compassion. The ICEJ is your hands and feet in this land that serve those in need. You can make a difference! Send your support to




Shortly after her daughter was born, Sonia, a new immigrant to Israel, became a single mother. Having too little income to support them, she began studying for her second degree, but had trouble balancing her responsibilities. She tried seeking help with several public institutions, but was turned away. She felt alone, judged, and incapable of gaining control over her own life.

Sonia’s life finally took a turn for the better when she met a lady at her daughter’s kindergarten who told her where to find help. Through a mentoring program sponsored by the ICEJ, Sonia now meets weekly with an advisor and finds it to be a “breath of fresh air.” “My mentor helped me see the bigger picture, set achievable goals, and find the courage to face my own problems,” Sonia explains with relief. “I meet with a financial advisor to help put financial issues into perspective, and most of all, I dream again. Today, I am a proud holder of a degree from one of the top universities in Israel. I am looking at a brighter future and I will be forever grateful.”

The mentoring program, sponsored by the ICEJ, helps with immigrant family’s basic needs, and then develops a comprehensive plan to move the family toward independence according to their unique challenges. Assistance focuses on developing or upgrading marketable skills, finding employment, offering financial advice, and helping children adjust to a new school system by providing extra-curricular activities or tutoring.

You can partner with us and help Jewish families arriving in Israel feel right at home! Help people like Sonia and her daughter by sending your gift today!


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