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Tribute to Zvi Givati

A Friend to Israel

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19 Nov 2013
Tribute to Zvi Givati

The global family of the Christian Embassy lost one of our most beloved members in November with the passing of Zvi Givati, who served as the ICEJ’s Israeli liaison for our first 25 years and did so much to help us get established and accepted in Jerusalem.

During his long and distinguished public career, Zvi was an officer in the Israeli army and in the national prison service, as well as a special Israeli envoy to French-speaking West Africa. In 1980, he assisted in the founding of the ICEJ and soon joined as a full-time staff member.

In his capacity as our Israeli liaison, Zvi did more than just help us obtain staff visas and represent our interests to Israeli officials. He also gave the Christian Embassy credibility in the nation when it was so needed in those early years.

But his greatest joy and contribution came from reaching out to Christians everywhere to build support for the country he so cherished. In these tireless endeavours, Zvi won his way into the hearts of countless Christians worldwide. He truly amassed an incredibly large family of Christian friends and admirers around the world who were deeply touched by his life, his love for Israel, and his honourable and gracious qualities.

Jewish-Christian relations have grown immensely closer over the past generation, and Zvi Givati played a unique role in helping to forge these ties here in the Land of Israel.

Zvi and his late wife Esther will always remain of blessed memory in our hearts.

ICEJ: Juergen Buehler

Dr. Jürgen Bühler
ICEJ Executive Director


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