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29 May 2019
Vietnam & Kazakhstan

Doors opening in Vietnam
By: Mojmir Kallus, ICEJ VP for International Affairs

More than forty years after the end of the bitter conflict which raged on its soil, the nation of Vietnam remains in the minds of an entire generation ever associated with the bloody war fought between the North and the South, but more broadly between the Communist forces and the Free World led by the United States.

The country is now united and despite residues of Communist ideology, it is generally open and allows Christians to live in relative freedom. Relations with Israel, opened in the 1990s, are booming in recent years, especially due to Israeli inventions and technologies which can significantly contribute to improving the life of its citizens. Today, Vietnam is a fast-developing country with over 90 million people, and it is becoming one of the major players in all of Southeast Asia.

In late February, I spent several days in the capital of Hanoi, as a result of previous contacts made with Sister Chung Bach at our regional conference in Singapore and at the ICEJ’s Feast of Tabernacles last year. I found the door to be wide open for cooperation with the growing body of local Christians. A dinner with 15 pastors from all over Vietnam was organised where I was able to share about the history, mission and vision of ICEJ. The next day, I conducted a seminar attended by about 80 people, mostly church leaders, who were shown ICEJ videos and heard about the biblical foundations of our support for Israel.

At the seminar, an umbrella organisation for Christian ministry to Israel in Vietnam was established, and the ICEJ is privileged to be a leading partner. The Chairman of the new organisation is Pham Tuan Nhuong, senior pastor of a Word of Life church in Hanoi, who will represent the ICEJ in Vietnam going forward. We hope to see a group from Vietnam at this year’s Feast of Tabernacles, as our cooperation and exchange continue to flourish.

A Good Report from ICEJ-Kazakhstan
By: Serguei Popov

The ICEJ-Kazakhstan branch opened about two years ago, and since then God has carried out a great work among the Christians in this Central Asian nation. Many churches now celebrate Israel’s “Independence Day” every year in May. Monthly prayer services are held in the northern city of Karaganda and the southern city of Almaty. Kazakhstan also is one of the few Muslim countries sending “love offerings" to Jerusalem. Last year, 46 pilgrims from Kazakhstan attended the ICEJ’s Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem, and more pilgrims plan to come this year. Please pray with us for God to continue to richly bless the work of ICEJ in Kazakhstan and other Muslim countries in the region and worldwide.


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