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Visit to Haifa Home Impacts Feast Pilgrims From the Nations

Nov/Dec 2019 WFJ Article

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20 Nov 2019
Visit to Haifa Home Impacts Feast Pilgrims From the Nations

A trip to the Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors is never easy, but always deeply rewarding. “We are so happy someone travels here to visit us. I love all the people who come to listen to our stories”, Esti Liber, survivor and resident in the facility gratefully told a group of 32 Christians from 13 different nations, many of whom had never before met a Holocaust survivor.

On 16th October, these Feast of Tabernacles pilgrims joined ICEJ AID’s Haifa Home bus tour. What better way to bless Israel than by showing love and care for its most wounded inhabitants? “The home has become a symbol of hope in all of Israel”, Yudit Setz, Deputy Director of ICEJ Aid, and Jannie Tolhoek, ICEJ Aid Administrator, told the group on their way to Haifa. Shimon Sabag, Founder and Director of the Home, warmly welcomed the visitors at the facility. 

The home currently accommodates up to 70 residents, yet a new building under renovation will provide more advanced one-on-one care for 12 elderly survivors. Furthermore, three precious volunteers from Germany joined the ICEJ Haifa Team in September: Debora Wanner, Marlen Degen and Kerstin Hoffmann. “With the little help that we give, we can do a lot of good. That is so exhilarating”, Debora rejoiced. Volunteers face the challenges of adapting to a new culture, building relationships with the survivors and being available around the clock, and the ICEJ is most grateful for these young women. Prayers for them are much appreciated. 

“We only have around ten years left to affect the lives of the remaining survivors who have suffered more than we could ever imagine”, Yudit Setz pointed out. The question is: What will we do with these years? One possibility is to support the work of ICEJ at the Haifa Home.

We also need more volunteers at the Haifa Home, especially for social media. If you desire more information, please contact Yudit Setz at:

Join us in supporting and comforting the Jewish people! 


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