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Passover 2019: God's Love Poured Out

Recap Video

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During last year's Passover season, many hearts were touched as our Heavenly Father poured out His love on His people here in Israel, enabled by your generous gifts and the many volunteers and staff who tirelessly contributed their time and skills. And we are excited to see God do extraordinary miracles again during this year's Passover season. Passover 2020 is also filled with community Seder meals, packaging food boxes for families in need in Israel, Passover gift baskets and more!

Watch this video and catch a glimpse of God's love being poured out on the hearts of the Jewish people during these memorable Passover celebrations, made possible through faithful supporters like you!

Thank you for your love and support to the Jewish people here in the land of Israel year after year!

Bless Israel This Passover!


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