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The Power of Love

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Homecare provides nursing care but also simpler methods of support with powerful results.

The Jewish festivals can evoke memories among the elderly in Israel, of lost family, or community, or accentuate loneliness which becomes worse when aging problems restrict movement and pain maybe their companion. Therefore, Homecare ensures that Holocaust Survivors, many from the Ukraine where special Nazi killing squads hunted Jews, are not forgotten at these special dates on the Jewish calendar. A handmade gift, a pot of honey, or a supermarket coupon which will lessen the next grocery bill, are appreciated gifts. However, it is something else that touches hearts even more deeply.

When Noam, a survivor of a ghetto and concentration camp, received a supermarket voucher and card last year, he looked at it slowly and carefully and then said, “The voucher is a help for me, but the card touches my heart.” An elderly lady passed away. For twenty years Homecare had been involved with the family providing nursing care. The son, with tears in his eyes, said she treasured all the cards Homecare gave her for the Holidays and were carefully stored in her cupboard. Elena said, “you are the only people who remember me at the Jewish holidays.” And Tania confessed that at moments of feeling down, she will take out her cards and know she is not alone.

A simple greeting card with a verse from the Bible and a message of love on behalf of Christians around the world is a gesture that brings hope and life.



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