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Word From Jerusalem Magazine
Publications - View our flagship monthly magazine, Word from Jerusalem, or sign up for additional news, commentary and teaching resources from Israel, including audio devotions. Discover more about our historic partnership with The Jerusalem Post Christian Edition or sign up for the bulletins of our Grafted young adults ministry. Learn more »
The Menorah - an ancient symbol of the Jewish people
Christian Zionism 101 - Christian Zionism asserts from scripture that God's covenant with Abraham is still valid today and there remains a national destiny over the Jewish people. But the return of the Jewish people to Israel in our day raises important theological and political questions. Learn more »
ICEJ Online Store

ICEJ Online Store - Featuring the powerful 5-part Foundational Teaching Series by Rev. Malcolm Hedding in book, CD and DVD format plus music featured in the annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration, we have resources to challenge and inspire you to go deeper into God's Word... Browse store »


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