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“Blessing Jerusalem all year round” is a book meant to bless the capital of Israel – Jerusalem, in a practical and concrete way. Not by using our own words, but by proclaiming Bible verses taken from the New King James Version of the Bible. And even if you’re not able to...

Hebrew/English Bible

The Hebrew in the Old Testament is take from Masoretic text and the New Testament is from the Modern Hebrew text.  The English is New American...

Breaking the Veil of Silence by Jobst Bittner

The Veil of Silence conerns you more than you think.  You come across it at every turn, whether in your personal life, in your family, in your...

Broken Silence - by Betty Bausch-Polak & Liesje Auerbach-Polak

"The War greatly influenced our lives.  We continued to be silent, and our children didn't ask questions...."Broken Silence tells...

Looking back - to face tomorrow by Elgonda Brunkhorst

During the darkest, most difficult, and most painful days of my life - injured at work, loss of job, unability to do the usual work, crisis at home...

Understanding Replacement Theology by Malcolm Hedding - booklet

Replacement Theology has over the years challenged the very nature of biblical exposition because essentially it undermines the notion that they text...

Our Father Abraham

A thoroughly fascinating and enjoyable book….Wilson’s goal is to show the Jewish roots of Christianity and of Jesus … and improve...

The Messiah in the New Testament in the Light of Rabbinical Writings

This volume follows our presentation of the Messiah in the Old Testament. It shows the roots of Christian faith in the light of the oldest and least-...

To Bear Witness

“This album leads the reader through the events of the Holocaust History Museum, and the enables us to share the bewilderment of Holocaust...

A History of Israel: From the Rise of Zionism to our Time

"This is a long volume for a small country.  After four far-ramifying Middle Eastern crises in one generation, however, it may be assumed...

The Holocaust and the Christian World

"A Parable:There was oncee a man going about his business, trying to live out his life peacefully and without offence to those around him....

Facing Persecution and Audio testimony from Feast of Tabernacles 2012

"Born into a Muslim family in Uganda, raised to be a Muslim leader, found love and truth in Jesus Christ.  Now preaches the gospel and...

God in Control by Charles Peter Watt

"Drawing heavily from the Scriptures the writer of this book, Peter Watt, explains the central theme of the Bible that God rules supremely over...

ICEJ Store Refund & Return Policy

Please note that the ICEJ Store is managed by Embassy Resources Ltd and all receipts and invoices are issued in this name. When paying by credit card, "Embassy Resources" will show as the seller on your credit card statement.

We will accept the return or exchange of a product in its original package for a full refund in cases where it is the ICEJ Store's (Embassy Resources Ltd) error.

Returns allowed for any other reason will be subject to a restocking fee equal to 15% of the purchase amount. All returns must be initiated within 14 days of the purchase date.

To initiate a return, contact The ICEJ Store (Embassy Resources Ltd) via e-mail to receive return authorization. Any authorized return must include the product and all accessories in the original packaging, along with all documentation (including invoice, and original shipping label), and must be received by the ICEJ Store (Embassy Resources Ltd) within 14 days of obtaining the authorization.

Returns that do not follow these steps may be refused by the ICEJ Store (Embassy Resources Ltd), and the customer assumes risk of loss and damage for packages returned.


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